The BrimTier Chronicles

By Lisa J. Comstock


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Lisa C.

Quotes "Lisa J Comstock writes an adventure that you have to hold onto your seats during. You ride a roller coaster of emotions when you are engulfed inside these pages, which by the way drew me in since the first paragraph. The book whisks you into a world of a space pirate; you cheer when the typical bad guy wins and cry when he loses. I loved the BrimTier Chronicles, Life of a BrimTier Pirate. The characters are believable and engaging. I could see this being a television series one day with a following as big as Star Treks. I cannot wait to find out what the next book has in store for the world in the big black!" Nina Liv Witham ~ Author from Savannah, GA July 13, 2009 1:34 PM Quotes
Nina Liv Witham