The BrimTier Chronicles

By Lisa J. Comstock

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Part 8

In the wake of the solar storms and having saved most of the colonists in the Ansian system, Phoenix Enclave find themselves chased by the newest ship in the CRF’s Fleet into a field of abandoned derelict ships, all ripe and ready for looting. They learn some hold secrets that may not be worth bringing to light.

Then they return to Tortuga for their late probationary visit. While on the planet Iain finds himself faced with a new and harsh reality; one that he will test his mettle to the max and will have to swallow his pride to overcome.


Lisa J. Comstock has enjoyed her voyage with the pirates of the BrimTier. When she is not flying around the black with them she enjoys being with her family and pets, spending time in her garden, playing poker and riding roller coasters.


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